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Michelle Samuels - Nursery Manager, Stockwell Gardens Nursery

Before I started working for LEYF (then Westminster Children’s Society) I always enjoyed caring for my younger cousins or the children of friends and neighbours. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do as a career. People mentioned to me that that I was good with children, so why not try that? Once I started I was hooked.

The attraction of joining as a trainee was the fact that I could work and train at the same time, thus allowing me to gain both practical and theoretical knowledge. The longer I worked for LEYF the more I realised it was all for the children, everything we did was for their benefit and I could see the benefits every day through the children in my nursery.

Since I started as a trainee I have had lots of career development as I have progressed from trainee to nursery practitioner, to become a Deputy Manager and eventually a Nursery Manager. The company have also given me the opportunity to gain further knowledge by gaining my Foundation Degree in Early Years and my Early Years Professional Status.

I would recommend LEYF as a place to grow and build on your knowledge for both the benefit of the children and your own continuous professional development.

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