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LEYF's Perfect Picnic!

Perfect Picnics

British Summertime means a few things – BBQs, walks and, most importantly, picnics! Sitting in the sun with a sandwich and a cold drink is a great family activity and at LEYF we’re here to recommend some great ways to have the perfect picnic and some healthy snacks for your little ones.


1)  The Perfect Spot

A good spot is a pivotal factor when it comes to your picnic. And when you’re with your children it’s even more important! Make sure to choose a spot with a good view and a good amount of shade – sitting in direct sunlight can be a direct risk to your child’s skin.

2)  Sun Protection

It’s extremely important to make sure that you’re protected against the sun – even if your sat in the shade! Make sure to carry lots of sun cream and have a lot of hats

3)  Hydration

Finally, it’s extremely important for you to stay hydrated in the heat! Make sure that you’ve got a healthy supply of water and drinks to make sure you don’t burn out at your own picnic.

4)  Food

Naturally, food is extremely important when it comes to a picnic – without it you’re just sitting on a blanket in a big open space! However, you don’t have to stick with crisps and sandwiches – spice things up with some delicious, healthy options!

-  Spring salad – lettuce, mozzarella, olives, tomatoes

-  Pasta Salad – pasta, pesto, olives and tomatoes

-  Lime cordial (a less sugary alternative to pop)

-   Yogurt Jamboree -  a yogurt of your choice mixed with summer fruit of your choice!

These are just some of our suggestions – we’re sure you’ve got plenty ideas of your own!

So, this is LEYF’s guide to the perfect picnic. Got any suggestions of your own? Be sure to share them with us online on Twitter  and Facebook ! 

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