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Jamal's story - Early Years Practitioner at Henry Fawcett Community Nursery


My name is Jamal and I'm a Practitioner at Henry Fawcett Nursery. I’ve been involved in childcare and working with young children since I was 16.  I started off volunteering at a local youth club, and then studied health and social care level 2 in my first year of sixth form, which required me to attend work placements in four care settings. A nursery was one of them, and that’s when my passion for childcare arose.

I found out about LEYF through a job search website and saw that the company had settings close to my home and had good childcare values. It looked very accommodating.

I was a nervous wreck before the interview and I was greeted in the reception area by a lady, who told me “don’t worry you’ll be fine, just take your time.” She made a little joke with me, and I was then to find out that that lady was CEO June O’Sullivan. When I got the job and saw June some months down the line she told me “you got the job then. I told you not to worry”.

The fact that the CEO remembered my name and acknowledged my progress is what makes LEYF different from other nursery services.

I’ve been here for 6 months now and I can really feel the support and guidance this company provides.

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