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How to Encourage Children to Build Harmonious Relationships

From the moment they're born children look for guidance and connections. Bonding with others is a key part of their growth as it helps them to learn how to socialise well for the rest of their lives. At LEYF, we think it's important to encourage them to form these relationships and it's a key part of our pedagogy. 

Bonds with parents

Generally, the first bond children are likely to create will be with their parents. This tends to happen naturally, but if you'd like to really cement your relationship with your new little bundle of joy there are a number of things you can do. First of all, allow time for unstructured, uninterrupted play time as often as possible. Allowing your child to take the lead in these sessions and filtering out other distractions gives them the sense that they're important to you, encouraging trust. It's also important to show an active interest in the things they love - however odd they may seem to you! Join in with playtime or read a book that you know they enjoy. This shared interest strengthens the bond between the two of you and can even teach your child the importance of interacting with other people. 

Bonds with Teachers and Other Adults 

After a few years of bonding with parents at home, most children will begin to make their way in the world by starting at a nursery or preschool. It's important that they are able to bond with staff members in order to feel safe and secure in the new environment they find themselves in. Of course this can be difficult, but there are things that staff can do to make this task easier. One idea is to teach children good communication skills via games and activities. Try the story game – where each child must add words to a sentence to complete a story, and the classic that is ‘Chinese Whispers’! These skills are vitally important for nurturing their ability to form harmonious relationships, as they will allow children to communicate effectively with their peers and express their tastes and interests. 

Bonds with Other Children 

The other key relationship that most children (hopefully) will form is with their fellow children! They can need guidance, so It is important for staff to try and spend time with each individual child, one on one. This will help them to realise they are important, building their self-worth and confidence – which will, in turn, allow them to develop relationships. This is vital to helping them grow and to give them ability to connect with others – a skill that they will use for the rest of their life!

With these tips for encouraging children to build relationships, your child or the children in your care will become socialites of the playground! If you have any tips on encouraging children to build harmonious relationships, We’d love to hear them! Send them to us on Facebook and Twitter, and remember to follow LEYF Nurseries for more tips, tricks and ideas about parenting and early years childcare.

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