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How much screen time is to much?

How much screen time is to much? 

We live in a digital age where children have a lot of media exposure from TV, smartphones and tablets. More and more Children under the age of three are watching cartoons, listening to music and playing games on a mobile device. Technology may encourage digital life skills at an early age but how much screen time is too much…

Parents often worry about the balancing act between for example, interactive online education and social interaction compared to much needed family time, outdoor play, indoor imaginary play, reading, and just having fun! To help you obtain a healthy balance we have devised some tips to reduce your child’s ‘screen time’.

1)  Be in charge of technology at home – don’t light your gadgets overtake quality time or family life.

2)  Set family rules around screen time- for example no technology in the morning or around mealtimes or just before bedtime.

3)  Plan in advance when and where technology might be used i.e for story time on the weekend.

4)  Use a timer – schedule in blocks of time to let your children know how long they can watch a programme or play a game for.

5)  Let you children earn screen time – if your child is slightly older they can be encouraged to do good deeds to earn screen time as a reward.

We hope you find these tips helpful and find a balance between family time and screen time. We would like to point out it is recommended that children have no more than two hours of non-school related screen timer per weekday and under threes should have the least amount of exospore as possible. 

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