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Going From Nursery To Primary School

With the British Summer coming to an end many of you may be about to send your little ones into school for the first time. Although we love looking after children they can’t stay at nursery forever! These are some of our tips on helping your little one transition from nursery to primary school.

1)  Picking the right school

Chances are your child will be staying at the same primary school for years to come. it’s imperative you choose the right school for your little one. Visit the different schools in your catchment area and decide which one is right for your little one

2)  Get in the routine

Going to school can be quite jarring for a child getting into it for the first time. Make sure you sit them down and try your best to explain this new routine and set of rules to them. If you have the time doing practice school runs in the morning in order to make sure they’re ready for the big day

3)  Buy the right stuff

Going to primary school requires a few extra bits and pieces nursery didn’t – namely some child friendly stationary and a school uniform. Shop around for the best deals in your area and make sure to write their names in the collars!


4)  The Playground

It’s more than likely that your child has visited a park with you at some point – but the playground is a whole different ballgame. Encourage your little one to be polite and sociable in order to make friends. They should have some experience of this from nursery anyway!

So, these are a couple of our tips. Got any of your own? Share them with us on Twitter  or Facebook ! 

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