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Fun activities for Autumn

Autumn is a fun time of year; the leaves begin to fall off the trees and turn brown and the warm weather starts to cool down. Why not try one of these interesting autumn activities with your child?

Playing with leaves

Gather all the leaves in your garden and put them into a line of big piles (the bigger the better). Keep stacking them up until you run out of leaves. When you have enough leaves, the children can run, jump and play in all the piles. This will help them stay entertained for hours on end. 

Go camping 

You can either buy and set up a tent in a local park or create a makeshift tent in your back garden or living room. Get your child involved with making the tent as comfortable as possible. For example, you could get them to decorate the tent with their favorite teddy bear, blanket or toys. Once the tent is set up, you could read a story or sing songs. 

Make a collage 

Take your child on a hunt for colorful leaves. On a clean surface get your child to place the leaves you collected onto a plain piece of paper. Cover the leaves with paper towels and press down several times, applying a bit of pressure. Remove the paper towels to see the leaves. Your child can add more items to the picture or remove the leaves to see the pattern that has been left behind on the paper.

These are our tips to help your child make the most of the autumn months. Got tips of your own? Share them with us on Twitter  and Facebook !

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