A message from the manager

My name is Lynne and I have been at Bird in Bush since 2001, taking over as Manager in 2013. We offer a bright and spacious environment which develops children’s confidence and social skills. We have a passionate team who give each child the personalised attention they need, and encourage the children to take an active role in planning activities. We work in partnership with parents and are a much loved part of the community – the building is from the 60s and many of our parents came here themselves! My favourite moments are seeing the children transition to school feeling confident and eager to learn! We're very proud of our nursery and would love to show you around! Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Please note Bird in Bush Nursery is offering the 30 Hours from 1 September, 2017. This is open to working parents of 3 & 4 year olds. Please contact Lynne, your Nursery Manager for details.

We're located in Peckham, providing care for children from 3 months to 5 years. We're open 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks a year.

Lynne, Nursery Manager
Lynne, Nursery Manager

What our parents say about us:

  • "I have been so reassured (and impressed) by all the effort and kindness you have shown in helping my son to settle in. He looks so comfortable and happy in your care! I have felt supported at every step of the way and can't thank you enough for this." Abigail, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "We're very happy that we chose this nursery and the staff are doing an amazing job." Vilma, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "Within a few months my daughter has flourished thanks to the professionals in the setting, especially her key worker. She established a safe and secure relationship with my daughter and a strong partnership with us as parents." Miriam, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "Couldn't be happier with our choice of nursery. Our daughter is always treated with so much kindness and respect. We always know how she is doing and have total trust that she is in wonderful, capable hands." Rachel and Charlie, parents at Bird in Bush
  • "The staff really are what makes the nursery. They have been supportive, friendly, reassuring and have made this transition back to work easier than I thought possible." Bird in Bush parent
  • "I am really happy with the service provided by the staff at Bird in Bush. They put in time and effort for the children…I’m very happy and proud to send my child to a LEYF nursery." Bird in Bush parent
  • "Always so inspired by the staff's energy and passion! They're often first to spot our daughter's new skills and tell us about them, helping us to nurture her development at home. We have been inspired to try new foods, as well as to try new toys and games." Rachel and Charlie, parents at Bird in Bush
  • "Dylan’s progress has been very noticeable and his confidence and contentedness are clear to see. Dylan is very lucky to have Carol as his key person and he is very attached to her, which is lovely and helps him enjoy his time. I am very happy so far." Bird in Bush parent
  • "Our daughter loves Bird in bush nursery. Staff are lovely, and the atmosphere is really warm and welcoming! Thank you all for your hard work with our children." Vilma, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "The nursery has made what could have been a very stressful and emotional process much easier than I could have imagined. Our son seems very happy and is making new friends, I look forward to seeing him progress and develop in such a wonderful environment." Sian, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "Thanks to the staff for their support and efforts, they're all very welcoming and loving. I know they're doing a great job because the children get excited as soon as they see them. I'm so happy my son attends this nursery, it is without a doubt the best ." Bird in Bush parent
  • "I would like to say a big thank you to the nursery for the support and encouragement they have given us." Jackie, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "I’ve been to visit a few other nurseries today but honestly, none have met the bar you’ve set at Bird in Bush and I’m so keen for my little boy Leonardo to go to your nursery!." Mavra Papadatos, Parent at Bird in Bush
  • "Having all of the staff is such a blessing, I never thought they would become such an important part of our little family. They have helped her to grow and develop...the nursery is the best, and like a 2nd home." Zee, parent at Bird in Bush
  • "I am very happy with the staff at the nursery and how my son looks forward to going every day." Bird in Bush parent
  • "Carol and her team seem very experienced and the babies are so comfortable with them. They are always happy to arrive and always look to have enjoyed themselves when they are picked up." Akin and Laura, parents at Bird in Bush
  • "The relationship the staff have developed with my son is an absolute joy, I am extremely grateful to have chosen this nursery. I will never forget the kindness & support they have shown, he is growing into a confident & happy little boy under their care." Abi, parent at Bird in Bush
What our parents say about us

What Ofsted says about us

We were most recently inspected by Ofsted in September 2014 and were rated as 'Good'.

What Ofsted like most about us

'Staff have good knowledge and skills to promote children's communication and language skills through enthusiastic stories and a variety of techniques.'

'Safeguarding is a priority within the setting meaning that all children remain safe at all times.'

'Staff are dedicated to self-evaluation, aiming to continuously improve the setting through reviews and evaluations, providing all children with a high quality of care and learning opportunities.'
What Ofsted like most about us