A message from the manager

Hi, my name is Tanya and I have been the nursery manager at Weir Link for two years. The staff team and I strive to ensure each child in our nursery is happy, well cared for and fully supported as they grow and learn. I most enjoy the magical moments young children share with us, such as their first words and first steps, and seeing the children grow and develop their own personalities before they embark on their journey to school. The nursery is based within the Weir Link Children’s Centre, we have three separate learning spaces including a large open plan classroom for under 2s, 2-3s and preschool. We're very proud of our nursery and would love to show you around! Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Please note Weir Link Nursery is offering the 30 Hours from 1 September, 2017. This is open to working parents of 3 & 4 year olds. Please contact Tania your Nursery Manager for details.

We're located in Clapham, providing care for children from 3 months to 5 years. We're open 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks a year.

Tanya, Nursery Manager
Tanya, Nursery Manager

What our parents say about us:

  • "I can't speak more highly of this nursery. The care and dedication that is shown by the staff every day is a true testament of the outstanding management and provision of this nursery. Happy staff and happy children greet me every day." Rachel, parent at Weir Link
  • "The weir link nursery has helped my son develop and create social skills he now knows how to play and interact with people other than me, this wouldn’t have been possible with out the family environment of the nursery and the caring staff." Weir Link Parent
  • "Love all the food - delicious and homemade. Thank you to the chef." Weir Link parent
  • "Overall the nursery has a family feel/free play feeling. The staff are super friendly." Weir Link parent
  • "Very happy that my son attends the Weir Link nursery! Fantastic staff and atmosphere." Weir Link parent
  • "Have seen massive improvements since LEYF takeover! Keep up the great work." Weir Link parent
  • " My son started off doing 2 days but I very quickly changed it to 3 as he is absolutely blossoming at Weir Link. His all round development since he started there is incredible. The staff are amazing and genuinely love the kids. My son squeals with deli." Maya, Parent at Weir Link
  • "My son and I found settling into nursery quite hard at first but the friendly and caring staff made it so much easier. He loves going to nursery now and can't wait to get there in the mornings." Jenny, parent at Weir Link
  • "The Weir Link has been more than just my child's nursery. They have been so supportive at each stage of my child's development offering advice when needed and showing the utmost care, dedication and professionalism. My child loves going to nursery ." Weir Link Parent
What our parents say about us

What Ofsted says about us

We were most recently inspected by Ofsted in November 2017 and were rated as 'Outstanding'.

What Ofsted like most about us

''Staff observe children, and accurately and precisely tailor activities and resources to meet their individual needs.''

''Staff engage exceptionally well with parents to further support their children's learning and development.''

''Children show extremely high levels of confidence and independence.''

''Children achieve a tremendous foundation for their future learning, including their future move to school. They engage extremely well during daily communication groups, excitedly explore their own ideas, listen with increasing attention and learn new words.''
What Ofsted like most about us