A message from the manager

My name is Stacey-Jane and I joined LEYF in 2003 as a practitioner, after a lot of hard work I became manager of Fitzrovia at the beginning of 2014. I also have the Early Years Foundation Degree and Early Years Professional Status (EYPS). Fitzrovia is a small nursery with a real family feel and welcoming and nurturing staff. We have separate areas inside and outside for the under twos, and access to a larger playground just outside the nursery which builds the children’s physical skills. We go on regular outings and have an annual nursery family trip to Broadstairs beach in Kent. The memory that really makes me smile is one of the children telling me they didn’t want me to go back to visit my old nursery because they would miss me! We're very proud of our nursery and would love to show you around! Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

We're located in Bloomsbury, providing care and education for children from birth to 5 years. We're open 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks a year.

Stacey-Jane, Nursery Manager
Stacey-Jane, Nursery Manager

What our parents say about us:

  • "We have loved LEYF and we consider you an extension of our family. All of your nurturing, attention and support have enabled our daughter to be so confident and happy at nursery. We are very grateful and will recommend LEYF to all our friends." Sarah, parent at Fitzrovia
  • "Fitzrovia have a great team of staff that work very hard and very well together. I often hear positive praise from other parents too." Fitzrovia parent
  • "Everyone seems dedicated to education and development as well as being friendly and flexible." Fitzrovia parent
  • "Nice atmosphere, really caring teachers with both knowhow and imagination." Carolina, parent at Fitzrovia
  • "For a central London nursery there is so much space. The outside play area is outstanding and my daughter loves running around in it. The staff are welcoming and friendly, and the management very knowledgeable." Clare, parent at Fitzrovia
  • "Very happy with the nursery. It is now some distance from where I live and work but my daughter is still enrolled there as she loves it and I do too." Fitzrovia parent
  • "The staff are very warm, kind and gentle." Fitzrovia parent
  • "All round amazing nursery. Great staff who are dedicated professionals, and ensure the children receive the best education." Christopher, parent at Fitzrovia
  • "The staff are incredibly hard working, passionate and caring people who I'm happy to leave my child with. They are flexible and accommodating and I don't think there's any more I could ask for from a nursery." Fitzrovia parent
  • "We are very happy with the nursery - our little boy is happy, social, friendly and smart - much of that is down to the nursery environment." Fitzrovia parent
  • "Very good impression thanks to a lovely team and Stacey who was so welcoming and professional." Dorothee, parent at Fitzrovia
What our parents say about us

What Ofsted says about us

We were most recently inspected by Ofsted in March 2015 and were rated as ‘Good’.

What Ofsted like most about us

"The quality of teaching is good as staff effectively promote children's learning and development through a variety of interesting and engaging activities."

"Children's behaviour is excellent. Staff are positive role models and they work together to remind children of clear and simple rules."

"The nursery offers a very stimulating and well-resourced environment with good-quality resources that are organised attractively."
What Ofsted like most about us