A message from the manager

I'm Caroline and I have been at Leys since 2009 when myself and the team opened the nursery from new. Leys has some truly unique features from the moment you step inside. The large spacious rooms with their own defined areas allow children the freedom to explore their own learning at a level suited to them. As well as the spacious interior we have two large, spacious outdoor areas with all weather surfaces which allow continuous access and enable us to take the indoor classroom outside. We have a fantastic location near to an Underground station and adjoining the local primary school. Based in the Children's Centre, we work closely with services to support our children and their families right from the start. My most memorable moment as a Manager is seeing the children who joined us as we opened make the journey through nursery and as they transitioned to school seeing their siblings join us to experience a LEYF nursery too. We're very proud of our nursery and would love to show you around! Please get in touch to arrange a visit.

Please note Leys Nursery is offering the 30 Hours from 1 September, 2017. This is open to working parents of 3 & 4 year olds. Please contact Caroline your Nursery Manager for details.

We're located in Dagenham, providing care and education for children from 6 months to 5 years. We're open 8am to 6pm, 51 weeks a year.

Caroline, Nursery Manager
Caroline, Nursery Manager

What our parents say about us:

  • "Excellent staff. The learning is outstanding and the safeguarding is excellent." Olamide, parent at Leys
  • "My daughter has grown up and developed her speech in particular since being at Leys. The baby room is great, my daughter's key worker is loving and caring. The staff are meticulous in monitoring the children ." AA, parent at Leys
  • "Leys is more than you could imagine. The staff are amazing. They care for each child as if they were their own. My son developed as I would only dream of. Leys in one word: Outstanding ." Maria, parent at Leys
  • "In the time my son has been at Leys his independence and confidence has really increased. Congratulations on developing such a fabulous world for the children to explore and experience structured activities in such a lovely environment." Janet, parent at Leys
  • "The welcome was excellent and their dedication is like no other." Georgine, parent at Leys
  • "Very enjoyable....thank you to the teachers. My daughter loves to come to nursery." Leys parent
  • "An unexpected visit for tea which was a lovely time reading and eating. It was lovely to be a part of my son's day." Leys parent
  • "My boys love going to the nursery and come home full of news to tell me about their day. The routine of the nursery really works, and the staff are fantastic." Janine, parent at Leys
  • "My son has a brain disorder, and the staff have been wonderful from day one, continuing to encourage his development and learning. This is a brilliant nursery, with brilliant, caring staff that you can always approach." Sharlene, parent at Leys
  • "Staff are very friendly and supportive, they are very understanding of everything and prioritise the child’s needs communicating with parents about all areas of development and next steps." Lucy, parent at Leys
  • "I love the nursery, love the staff my child has developed and come on so much since attending - best thing I have ever done." Leys parent
  • "My daughter has been at this nursery just a few months and loves it. She has come so far since being here." Samantha, parent at Leys
  • "Every day when I pick up my child the staff are actively engaged in playing with the children and as a primary school teacher, I fully recognise and appreciate the excellence seen in this little hidden gem of a nursery." Jo, parent at Leys
  • "A large garden for exploring, multiple play areas and a range of learning activities. All the staff are really caring and take the time to get to know each child. Whenever I collect my boys a member of staff is engaging them in a fun activity." Paula, parent at Leys
  • "Before starting nursery my daughter was quite timid and shy but she has come on in leaps and bounds with the support of a dedicated team of wonderful staff. She loves going to nursery and I know she has had the best start to her school life." Katrina, parent at Leys
  • "After going to see a few different nurseries I knew this was the one as soon as I walked around. Now whenever I drop her off she is happy to go and play, we get a sheet at the end of every day with details of how much she has eaten/what she has been doing." Sara, parent at Leys
  • "My son has thrived tremendously with his education, am very happy with his development and the wide experiences he has achieved through the planned activities in the setting." Leys parent
What our parents say about us

What Ofsted says about us

We were most recently inspected by Ofsted in February 2016 and rated as ‘Outstanding’.

What Ofsted like most about us

"Managers are highly reflective and strongly committed to providing the highest standards of care and learning. They work closely with staff and other professionals to evaluate the provision and precisely target areas for improvement"

"Children's early language and communication skills are extremely well developed by staff, who use an excellent range of strategies to help develop children's speaking and listening skills, and extend their vocabulary"

"Children have formed close attachments with their key person. Staff are extremely sensitive to children's individual needs, and support their social and emotional needs exceptionally well. This supports children to be happy and inquisitive learners."
What Ofsted like most about us