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Conor's story - from Apprentice to Nursery Manager

My name is Conor and I'm the Manager at Lisson Green Nursery. Initially I didn’t plan on working in the childcare sector. I actually planned on becoming an educational psychologist, and was looking at options to find a pathway to get into university when I decided to get some experience working directly with children and to gain a level 3 qualification.

I managed to find an apprenticeship with London Early Years Foundation. When I started the course I thought this would only be a stepping stone towards my dream, however by the time I finished the course I felt like I had found my purpose in life. The children and families in my care benefited so much from having me around and valued me so much that I felt a sense of job satisfaction that I knew I wouldn't achieve anywhere else. Years later and I’m still here!

I chose to work for LEYF for a range of reasons. One is the child-centred approach to all aspects of the organisation and that the children are always at the heart of every decision.

I also love that LEYF is a social enterprise - it’s not about shareholders and profit margins it’s about providing a positive social impact on the communities that we're based in.  

The organisation strongly supports every member of the LEYF family and consults with the staff team. It’s wonderful to work in such a diverse organisation with so many inspiring individuals.

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