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LEYF responds to the London Bridge incident

At LEYF our thoughts are with the victims and their families of the attacks in London on Saturday evening. It’s difficult to believe that these attacks can take place in a city as culturally diverse as London.

We wanted to reassure all our parents that the safety of the children in our care is paramount. All LEYF nurseries follow Ofsted inspected strict safety procedures. We ensure LEYF staff are compliant with our safety procedures by conducting regular nursery checks and emergency drills. There are contingency plans in place at all 38 LEYF nurseries and these are updated to reflect the current guidance from police and emergency services.

As part of our activities with the children, we will continue to go into the local community for outings and visits to London’s parks as this is vital for a child’s development. All our visit locations have been reviewed in light of the current security conditions and on outings staff are extra vigilant and follow LEYF’s outdoor visit policies.

Any visit or outing is subject to a prior risk assessment and as an added precaution, all nursery visits and outings are reported ahead of time to the relevant Area Manager and LEYF Central Office.

Please feel free to discuss our safety arrangements with your nursery manager. If you are looking for resources to help you discuss these recent events with your child there is a video on the BBC that you can view here

To help us contact you in the case of any emergency can you please provide your nursery manager with up to date contact details for you and two named contacts? Thanks very much.

Thank you for choosing LEYF as a nursery for your child.

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