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Highlights from the Ofsted Big Conversation

Highlights from the Ofsted Big Conversation

We took part in the Ofsted Big Conversation on Tuesday 19th September and it was a fantastic event.

With a packed room of more than 40 people with different interests in the Early Year Sector – the event prompted lots of discussion, ideas and networking. 

The event was a great opportunity to hear from Ofsted and for them to hear from us. Dr Julian Grenier was also in attendance at the event and he shared his thoughts on his recent book about the Ofsted inspection. 

The agenda covered a variety of topics, which lead to much debate on key issues including:

·  Progress with the in-house Inspections

·  Satisfaction Rates and Complaints

·  Paid For Inspections

·  SEF Debate

·  Progress on Scrutiny Panels

·  British Values

·  Ofsted  

Key figures from the Early Years sector and Champagne and Lemonade campaign raised the following points for Ofsted to address:

·  Conditions of registration are no longer in operation – so why are inspectors still asking for them…. Kate Peach From Peacharno 

·  What guidance is Ofsted giving to inspectors as to what to look for when inspecting how we are applying the 30 hours’ eligibility criteria? Dawn Nasser From Rose House Montessori Pre-Schools 

·  When will the assessment framework be revised? Lala Manners from Active Manners 

It's questions like these that really got the debate into full swing and prompted a lively atmosphere. Great ideas and opinions were definitely packing a punch on the agenda. 

Ofsted will be publishing the minutes from the Big Conversation along with their plans and responses to the issues that were discussed very soon. 

All in all, the event was very insightful and gave a lot of food for thought for the current and future focus of Ofsted. Needless to say, we are looking forward to the next Ofsted Big Conversation. 

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