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8 Awesome Summer Activities

Summer Activities

The UK is set to be HOT HOT HOT this summer. With all this beautiful weather many parents are left with the desire to do something fun with their little ones – but can’t think of what that should be! Well, fear not parents. We’re here to provide you with tones of options for wonderful Summer activities!

1)  An outdoor Bear hunt

A good way to spend some quality time outdoors, an outdoor bear hunt can take up a much time as you want it to. The only preparation you need is to hide a bear in a destination. But why not take it a step further? Hide the bear in your garden or nearest child friendly open space and start from a chosen point in your house. Lay down some arrows and clues for you and your child to work through until you find the hidden teddy!

2)  Fruit Salad Planets

A great way to encourage your little one to eat some refreshing fruit on a hot summer’s day! Set up a solar system diorama using brightly coloured fruits on skewers! A bright grapefruit as the sun, an orange as mars, a blueberry as pluto! The options are fun, varied and a great way to encourage your child to eat healthily

3)  Mini Olympics

A great activity for those of you with multiple children or who regularly host play dates! A mini Olympics or sports day is a fantastic opportunity to encourage an interest in exercise in your little one. There are loads of awesome activities for your children like hula hooping or who can do the most star jumps. Make sure to have plenty of water on stand – by to keep them hydrated

4)  Make a picture book

It’ likely that at least one day in British Summer Time will be marred by rain – so it’s good to have some activities planned for that too!  Why not help your child make a creative picture book! Go nuts with the paint and glitter and see what literary marvel your little one creates! Make sure to display it on the fridge when you’re done reading it.

5)   Insect hunting

For those of you with little ones that are curious about the great outdoors! Venture into the garden or your nearest outdoor space and spend some time looking around for some creepy crawlies! Take a guidebook and help your little one identify some different insects! Just make sure they don’t accidentally squish any!

6)  Homemade ice lollies

Another way to encourage some healthy eating and a great way to stay cool! Use a plastic mould to create some real fruit ice lollies! Use fresh fruit juice, a little bit of water and a small amount of fruit to fill the mould before placing them in the freezer for a couple of hours! These delicious treats will help keep your little ones cool and away from the sugar!

7)  Water Balloon Target Practice

We know that children love playing with water. We also know that parents are often them perfect target! So why not give them something to aim for! Set up a small target practice area in your garden and encourage your child to practice their throw. Targets can be anything from a printed arrow target to some hula hoops laid out on the ground!

8)  Bike riding

For those of you with slightly older children, the summer can be a perfect time to introduce your little one to the joys of cycling! Get a bike with stabilisers and encourage your little one to ride as much as they can with your help.

These are just some fantastic ideas for summer activities with your children! Got anymore? Let us know on Facebook  or Twitter!  

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