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5 Things You'll Only Know If You Work In Childcare

5 Things you’ll only know if you work in Childcare

We believe that working in childcare is one of the most rewarding jobs on the planet. From the smiles to the laughter, there is always something to warm the heart when you work with young children! Here are some of the little things we’ve learnt over our 114 years in the business.

1)  Children are super honest

As anyone who has worked in childcare knows, children aren’t exactly masters of social grace and as a result they can be brutally honest – they will be the first to point out when you’ve coloured outside the lines!

2)  Children can make a huge mess

One thing we have definitely found from our years running nurseries is that children can make an absolutely HUGE mess. Really, for such tiny, adorable creatures, children can make a mess like nothing else – and we know because it's our job to clear it up!

3)  Everything is a toy

LEYF nurseries are filled to the brim with wonderful play equipment designed to stimulate a child’s mind……but that won’t stop them spending hours playing with a wooden spoon or paintbrush. In the hands of a child almost any object (or person) is a fantastic and exciting toy that provides hours of entertainment.

4)  Children have a lot of love to give

Small children are constantly clamouring for affection, but it will amaze you how much they’re willing to give! They will often attach themselves to a member of staff for hours at a time and although this may sound irritating, actually nothing is cuter!

5)  There is no greater job

Anyone who works in childcare will tell you this! Working with children gives you a feeling of fulfillment that no other job can. Seeing the little ones you care for happy and healthy really is priceless.

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