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5 Outdoor Activities to Get You Ready for Spring

With winter finally coming to an end (we know it might not feel like it just yet but trust us, it is!) we're getting ready to make the most of the great outdoors again. We all know the benefits of a good run around and a bit of fresh air, and even if the sun doesn't quite have his hat on we're firm believers in 'there's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothes'.  So here's some fun outdoor activities you can try with your little one come rain or shine, just have those wellies at the ready!

1)  Nature Walk

Whether it's a stroll in the sunshine or a good old jump in the puddles, sometimes you can't beat a nice walk. Contrary to popular opinion, there are loads of nature sites all over London. Try this list to find one near you. Your little companion have a short attention span? Add some games into the mix. You can help them to spot wildlife, pick something to count (bird or flowers) or indulge in the all time classic of I-spy.

2) Squirt Gun Painting

Maybe your little one is the creative type or maybe they just like getting messy...either way, this little activity is great for keeping them entertained and encouraging them to explore their creative side. Put a piece of coloured card on a stand (outside, of course) and fill up water guns with watered down paint. Then let your children create some abstract masterpieces by spraying the paint at the card.

3) Do some detective work

A fun activity for any parents with a budding Sherlock! Set up some clues around the garden and help your little one find their way to a tasty, healthy treat. There are lots of ways to make this educational too; number each clue to help older children get to grips with basic maths or incorporate colour and rhyme into your clues.

4) Miniature Olympics

Great for families with lots of children or play-dates or birthday parties. Set up a few small events in the garden and host a miniature Olympics! Have a crawling race or shot-put with water balloons, three legged races and sack races. There are lots of different activities you can try - just make sure everyone gets a medal!

5) Outdoor zoo

London is full of family friendly outdoor petting zoos. Take the whole family for a day out at one of these and enjoy seeing all the farm yard animals. See how many your child can name. Do they know what noises they make?

Do you have any other top outdoor activity ideas? We’d love to hear them! Send them to us on Facebook and Twitter, and remember to follow LEYF Nurseries for more tips, tricks and ideas about parenting and early years childcare.

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