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5 Easter Activities For You and Your Children

Easter is fast approaching and we know it can be a struggle to keep the little ones entertained over this egg – cellent period. Here's our round up of egg-citing activities to do over Easter! And there will be no more egg-related puns in this article....Maybe...

1)  Egg hunt

An Easter classic - and for good reason! The Easter egg hunt has been enjoyed by generations of children. Paint some hard boiled eggs bright colours and scatter them around the home or garden. Then give your little ones clues as to where they are and offer them a reward for poaching all the eggs you laid out!

2)  Paint an egg

14b940f2aafcb1ef38a6796e3e5914cf.jpgAnother classic, and a great activity in case the weather lets us down this weekend. Hard boil some eggs and encourage your child to decorate them with paint! Add googly eyes and glitter to finish off your masterpiece. This activity does require some art supplies so you may have to scramble around to make sure you’ve got enough paint and glue to go around.

3)  Nature walk

If the weather does behave itself, a nature walk is a fantastic way to spend the day and wear out your little ones. Try and spot different animals as you go, and bring some snacks for a picnic. Just make sure to bring sun hats and sun block so you don’t fry!

4)  Easter baking

0da4e0cf13444813a1f92250357da675.jpgInstead of the traditional giant chocolate egg why not get creative with your Easter treats? You can create rice pop cereal bird nests, or maybe gingerbread Easter bunnies? Baking is a great way to develop fine motor skills and teach children about food, numbers and measurements. BBC Good Food has some great child-friendly recipes including Lemony Easter chicks and Vanilla chick biscuit pops. 

5)  Easter bonnets

Our final activity for you this weekend is creating Easter bonnets. Create Easter themed hats with your little ones and adorn them with chicks, eggs and Easter bunnies! Then host a fashion parade for them to take part in and give them a chance to show off their fine work!

Do you have any other favourite Easter activities to hop into? Let us know on Facebook  or Twitter !

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