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15 Amazing Facts About Babies

15 Amazing Facts About Babies

Everyone loves babies, don’t they? From their warm smiles to that unique smell, almost everyone gets a kick out of spending time with these miniature humans! With that being said, this week we put together a list of 15 amazing facts about everyone’s favourite little people!

1)  Human babies are the only primates who smile at their parents

2)  Babies have around 30,000 taste buds (adults only have around 10,000)

3)  A baby’s first social smile appears between four and six weeks after birth

4)  The grasp of a new-born baby is so strong that its whole boy can hang in mid-air with its bent fingers supporting its weight

5)  Babies typically prefer a female voice over a male one

6)  A baby will eat an estimated 15 pounds of cereal per year!

7)  If a baby was to continue growing at the rate it did in its first year, it would be 170 ft. tall by adulthood

8)  Right after birth a new-born’s pupils dilate. This helps parents fall in love with their new baby because it’s a sign they think you’re attractive

9)  New-borns will recognise a mother’s voice at birth

10)  Babies don’t shed tears (Until they are about 8 months old and their tear ducts have formed properly)

11)  A new-born’s heart beats 130 to 160 times a minute – roughly twice that of an adult

12)  They don’t have kneecaps at birth!

13)  Babies are born with 300 bones; adults have 206

14)  A baby is born somewhere in the world approximately every three seconds

15)  The brain of a new born accounts for 10% of their total body weight; in adults it is 2%

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