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10 Fun and Educational Ways to Keep your Little One Entertained Indoors

As winter approaches and the weather begins to turn, it can be a challenge to keep children entertained. But being cooped up indoors doesn’t mean that they can’t have fun (and maybe even learn something)! Here are some fun and interesting ways to keep them busy and, of course, happy!

1. Reading

Reading with your child is an excellent way to pass the time on a wet day! Not only does it do a wonderful job of keeping them entertained with all kinds of stories and adventures, but it also stimulates their minds and helps to develop literary skills before school has even begun

2. Indoor camping

Just because it’s horrible and freezing outside doesn’t mean you can’t go camping! Grab the tents and sleeping bags and turn your living room into the great outdoors. Setting up your indoor camp will help to inspire adventure in your children and can be a great opportunity to teach life skills such as tying knots

3. Collages

Grab those old magazines and recycle them into something amazing! Help to fuel your child’s creativity by allowing them to stick and cut their favourite images onto a cool collage

4. Photo shoot

Being stuck indoors can be a great time to take pictures with your little ones! Grab your phone or digital camera and record some great memories. Encourage them to dress up as different characters and take pictures which you can then help them to arrange into a storyboard, fuelling their imagination and giving them a head start on creating stories and tall tales, whilst also having some fun pictures to share with Gran and Grandad

5. Painting

A classic for young children here, avoid those rainy day blues by busting out the finger paints! Set up a small, easily cleanable work station and let their imaginations run wild painting whatever they like. Then, allow them to explain what they’ve created developing their language skills and boosting self-confidence by showing off their art!

6. Indoor Bowling

A simple, fun and cost effective game with the potential for the entire family to join in. Grab some empty plastic bottles and set them up as pins before taking a soft ball and bowling your little ones over with a good time! This can develop your child’s interest in sport which in turn will encourage them to stay fit and healthy

7. Build a Fort

Another budget-friendly method of keeping your child entertained while the rain pours. Grab some empty cardboard boxes, pillows and blankets and help them to build a fort. They can even brush up on their planning and design skills by sketching it out first. Once this fort is completed you can engage in other activities inside it such as the aforementioned reading! 

8. Board Games

A classic staple of the rainy day, board games are a fantastic way to stave off the boredom! When the weather turns, grab the snakes and ladders and enjoy a lively game. Board games will help develop your child’s lateral thinking skills as well as helping to develop their numeracy and literary skills.

9. Homemade Instruments

Some of your household staple items can be very musical in the right hands. Grab an empty cereal box, some cardboard tubes and some rubber bands to create a guitar! Or fill an empty container with dried pasta to create a homemade maraca. Homemade instruments can keep your child entertained for hours whilst simultaneously developing a healthy interest in music from a young age. Then why not host a miniature concert? An indoor performance is a great way to improve your child’s confidence

10. Baking

With your supervision, your child can have a great time baking! Help them make treats they’ll love and keep them busy whilst showing them the benefits of hard work when they get to chow down on whatever you’ve baked! Baking is also a great way to teach them about what actually goes into their food and is also a novel way of introducing them to numbers and units of measurement

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