Settling into nursery

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Five ways to settle your child into nursery

Settling your child into nursery Every child is different. Settling your child into a nursery can take up to three or four weeks. Joelle Lax, Manager at LEYF’s Holcroft Community Nursery, suggests assessing your child’s level of confidence and working out a system that keeps everyone happy – from day one. Here she offers her five top tips for a great start.

  1. Introduce your child to a range of noises and different groups of people, including children, before they start nursery. This will help them feel more at ease in the lively environment of a nursery.
  2. Visit the nursery – with your child. Learn what happens throughout the day. Visiting the nursery allows children to become familiar with different parts of their new environment and also to meet staff and other children.
  3. Care about and get involved with the nursery. If children see parents at ease, happy and chatting with staff, they are more likely to feel relaxed, developing a stronger sense of confidence and belonging in the nursery themselves.
  4. Allow your child to bring along a familiar object from home – like a favourite teddy bear. These hold positive memories for children and will, by association, help them to develop secure attachments with the nursery.
  5. Be patient. Some children will be happier to join in with nursery life more quickly than others. But if you’re patient, the benefits of your child attending a caring and well-run nursery will soon be clear to see.