Research and publications

Our child-centred approach in everything we do remains as bold and creative as when we first started back in 1903. We continually test new ideas and stand up for what we believe in. How we look after children in our nurseries is no different; always based on sound research from visionaries in early childhood.

We also carry out action research ourselves. We take an area of development in a nursery and, by working directly with staff, apply a hypothesis and establish aims and outcomes. Then through practical training we address the development need, while measuring the real impact this particular training is having.

With input directly from nursery staff, the research is then written up and training modules created to share best practice across each of our nurseries. Results are then published as case studies and articles, both in relevant trade publications and online.

Past and present examples include:

Social Enterprise - What's love got to do with it?

Is love an essential requirement for a successful social enterprise? Or is it actually a by-product, the mechanism or even the result of one?

This report by Intentionality explores the role that love has to play in social enterprises and in the creation of positive social impact.

Eleven social entrepreneurs, commentators and supporters of social enterprise were interviewed, including our CEO June O-Sullivan, to discover their thinking about love in the context of social enterprise. June says "a loving experience for children, with a loving relationship in a loving environment is actually our core business".

The report is available to download here.

‘The Twoness of Twos’ – a Report on the Leadership for Two Year Olds

Reports on how we ensure that settings which want to take  two year olds accessing childcare through the Government’s Two Year Offer can provide the best–led service. The research was commissioned to prepare LEYF to be ready and able to provide two year olds with the best possible service. The report was also intended to inform those responsible for policy decisions at central and local level as well as those leading services and practice.

June O’Sullivan, Chief Executive of the London Early Years Foundation, said: “LEYF is delighted to share its findings with the sector. It raised some interesting findings not least about the importance of environment, nutrition for two year olds and the power of the home learning environment. We want to do the utmost for our two year olds and hope our report adds to the current discussion about how we help ensure the best provision for our most vulnerable children.”

View the report online:


Men in childcare

Short film a new film was created to enlighten others about the benefits of having a gender-balanced workforce. Men in childcare is good for children, good for staff teams and good for society.

Watch and share the video, and let us know what you think.

Men in childcare from London Early Years Foundation on Vimeo.

Despite all that had been written about the benefits of men working in Early Years, little had been done to look at the children’s perspective. We were also keen to examine how the Goverment's recently published targets for raising the number of men working in childcare were being met.

Read our full report 

Science: working initially with the with Benjamin Franklin museum in central London, this project proved a great catalyst re-igniting interest and confidence amongst staff and children alike when it comes to developing and performing exciting physics-based activities.

Iceland project: children from our nurseries developed relationships with children from nurseries in Iceland, via e-mail, letter and video links.