Who we are, what we do

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The London Early Year's Foundation (LEYF) is the UK’s most well-known and respected childcare social enterprise, providing day care and parenting support to a diverse mix of families in 24 community, workplace and Children’s Centre nurseries across six London boroughs.

How we help children

Since 1903, we have continued to place the child at the centre of all we do - with a foundation based on caring, nurturing and safeguarding. Through our unique curriculum, we focus on each child’s cognitive, social, emotional and physical development. The quality of our learning environments and excellence in childcare is recognised through parental feedback as well as external assessment.

How we help families

We have developed a unique social business model that uses sustainable income from our nurseries in more affluent areas to actively target the heart of some of the capital’s most deprived communities; in doing so, we make high quality day care available to families that have traditionally been unable to reach or afford it, and typically need it most of all.

How we help young people 

We are just as committed to helping disadvantaged young adults realise their own potential. Thanks to our mentor-based Early Years apprenticeship programme, such individuals are given the chance to develop a range of vocational and interpersonal skills, with a professional qualification and in most cases a job at the end of it.

How we help communities

An all-embracing community ethos also means ‘doing good’ doesn’t stop at the nursery door, as our multi-generational and partnership-led approach helps to enrich the natural strength and qualities of each local community in which we serve.

Constantly weaving the principles of social enterprise and staff-inspired core values into everything we do, we are passionate champions of long-term social impact that comes from combining a progressive research-based nursery education with the creation of such social and cultural capital.

The future

With a clear ambition to build a better future for London’s children, and with the help of fantastic organisations like the Social Business Trust, we are now geared to more than triple its impact over the next 2-3 years.